Martinsbräu Weizen Hefe Dunkel

unfiltered wheat beer in glass with bottle
Martinsbräu Weizen Hefe Dunkel

Brewery: Martinsbräu
Town: Marktheidenfeld

Style: Dunkelweizen 5.1
Color: very dark honeycomb

Head: ivory
, rocky, chiffon-like
fruity, hint of cooked banana
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, fruity, some banana
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought in Marktheidenfeld

Impression: I’d had their regular Weizen on tap at their pub and though perfectly fine with no flaws, I found it just a tad thin on flavor. I saw it and this Dunkel version at a store in bottles but only had room for one so chose this. A gorgeous pour with a chiffon like rocky head and some cooked banana in the nose. It’s got a nice fruity palate and the lingering finish is just dry enough but again it’s just a tad thin. It’s going well with my Weisswurst and Weizen lovers should seek it out but I’d stick with their non-wheat offerings myself even if I’ve had many worse.

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