Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Vollbier

unfiltered golden beer in logo glass
Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Vollbier

Brewery: Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu
Town: Bad Kissingen-Arnshausen

Style: Vollbier 5%

Color: unfiltered light amber

white, creamy, rocky
Nose: fruity, butterscotch

Body: medium

Palate: fruity, buttery
Finish: lingering, sticky

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Nice looking beer with an ample rocky head but butter in the nose foretells another story. In good form, it would likely be sticky but this is a diacetyl bomb to rival the best. Sticky finish and very salty food makes for a popcorn at the movie feel.

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