Seelmann Heimatbier Hell

golden beer in mug with bottle
Seelmann Heimatbier Hell

Brewery: Seelmann
Helles 5.2%
unfiltered golden
light grain
Body: medium

balanced, fruity, lightly hoppy, light grain
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression:  This brewery was closed for a few years but has reopened in a limited capacity.  Since its pub is only open for events, I was happy when a friend picking some beer up there offered to get me one as well. It’s a low carbonation affair so not a profuse head but a nice grainy nose. The balanced palate has a fruity quality to go with the grain and the hops, while in the background, are present from start to the semi-dry semi-bitter finish. Quite nice. Too bad the pub is is no longer operating.

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