Wolframs-Bräu Vollbier Dunkel

unfiltered dark beer in pewter lidded mug with bottle
Wolframs-Bräu Vollbier Dunkel

Brewery: Wolframs-Bräu
Town: Wolframs-Eschenbach

Style: Vollbier Dunkel 5.2
unfiltered ruddy brown
Head: off-
white, thinning
malty, spicy
Body: medium
, soft
malty, spicy
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at Landbier Paradies in Nürnberg

Impression: I was happy to see this at Landbier Paradies as the brewery doesn’t have a pub so unlikely I’ll make it to the village. It’s a ruddy looking beer, more of a homebrew than what you’d expect from even a small brewery. That said, it’s got a quaffable softness and though largely malty, it’s got a little spice and retains its dryness throughout. The lingering finish has a slight tinge of nice bitterness, even suggesting some dark chocolate. I’m drinking it a tad warmer than I probably should have but better than too cold with a beer like this. I find it pricey at 1.85€ a bottle but I like it.

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