Schlenkerla Heller Aecht Märzen unfiltered from gravity barrel

dark beer in glass with beer coaster
Schlenkerla Heller Aecht Märzen unfiltered

Brewery:  Heller (Schlenkerla)
Town: Bamberg

Style: Rauch Märzen 5.1%
Color: unfiltered mahogany
Head: tan, creamy
Nose: smoky but a notch down from the filtered one
Body: full
Palate: smoky, malty, underlying hops (less ham than filtered one)
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: gravity dispensed from wooden barrel at Schlenkerla

Impression: This special unfiltered version of the flagship Märzen is a touch less smoky and smoother.  The ham aspect is much less pronounced and it seems a bit fuller-bodied.  I had to buy a bottle to see how it fared not only against the bottled filtered one but also against my experience in the pub.

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