Mönchshof Maibock

amber beer in pewter lidded mug with bottle
Mönchshof Maibock

Brewery: Mönchshof
Maibock 6.9%
Head: off-white, creamy, ample

Nose: richly malty, caramel

richly malty, caramel, hint of roast
Finish: lingering

Served: from a bottle bought in Munich

Impression: You can’t judge a book by its cover and this coming from brewing conglomerate Kulmbacher, I was expecting a straight up bland Hellerbock but out poured a gorgeous looking amber nectar with an ample off white creamy head and strong nose of caramel. Unfortunately, it’s not as dry as I’d like. It’s not bad or overly sweet but the finish just lies there and is ever so sticky. It’s a shame as with a touch more hops and perhaps lagering, this might have been a real winner.

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