Michelbacher Hefepils (Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer)

unfiltered golden beer in logo stemmed glass

Michelbacher Hefepils (Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer)

Brewery: Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer
Michelbach an der Lücke (Waldhausen)
Style: unfiltered Pils

Color: unfiltered golden

white, rocky
citrusy hops, yeasty
Body: medium

balanced, citrusy hops, some yeast
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Gasthaus Adler in Rot am See

Impression: This was one refreshing looking beer, was nicely poured and a much better looking beer than the two in their regular line-up. When I called the brewery about visiting with unfortunately too short a notice, I was told to try the Hefepils at the Gasthaus in Rot am See. It was a new special beer that would not be bottled as it had a very short shelf life. It had a great citrusy nose with some yeast and that’s pretty much what it tasted like. It was a perfect beer for the day: a very refreshing summer beer!

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