Geyer Kellerbier at Felsenkeller

beer in ceramic mug with logo and coaster
Geyer Kellerbier

Brewery: Brauereigasthof Geyer
Color: in Krug so no visuals but unfiltered
Head: white
, rocky, creamy
grainy, slight hops
Body: medium

Palate: balanced, hoppy, slightly grainy

Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Geyer Felsenkeller

Impression: I think it was worth the wait and even the 45 minute bus ride to get to this great Bierkeller. Not sure if it’s even better than at the brewery but perhaps enhanced by being drunk at such a nice Keller. It’s one of those beers it’s hard to put your finger on but well balanced with a moreishly semi-dry lingering finish which is just bitter enough to invite another.

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