Stefansbräu Märzen

unfiltered amber beer in logo mug
Stefansbräu Märzen

Brewery: Stefansbräu
Wilhelmshöhe (Dinkelsbühl)
Color: unfiltered amber

off-white, creamy
Body: medium

balanced, fruity, some spice, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at Zur Schleuse

Impression: While it looks the part of a Märzen, this continues in the direction of very dry Dinkelsbühl beers I’ve encountered on this trip. There’s a slight spiciness but otherwise hops are at the forefront of this traditionally malt forward style. I’m not sure this is a Märzen but I enjoy its dry hoppy palate and dry semi-bitter finish. I’ve just recently drunk the bottle I picked up and it’s much maltier with more of the typical spiciness of a Märzen. That said, it’s still much hoppier and dries than is typical. I would say it’s a Märzen but a new breed version and one which should be embraced as it would likely save the style from the extinction it was looking to face.

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