Wiethaler Kirchweih Bier


goldern beer in mug with pewter lid and bottle
Wiethaler Kirchweih Bier

Brewery: Wiethaler
Color: golden

Head: off-white
, rocky, lasting
rich malt, faint grain, a touch of honey
Body: medium

richly malty, toasted grain
Finish: lingering, hops peeking through

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: Wiethaler conveniently has a bottle shop with not only their regular line-up but also whatever seasonal beers they happen to still have. I was happy to pick up three. My first of the their seasonal beers is a Kirchweih Bier which I’d have imagined to be stronger than 5% but it’s quite a rich malty affair nonetheless. It’s got some toasted grain in the nose and a touch of honey, all carrying over to the surprisingly rich palate. The hops are buried but peek through in the lingering moreish finish.

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