Staffelberg-Bräu Sommer Weizen

weissbier in logo glass
Staffelberg-Bräu Sommer Weizen

Brewery: Staffelberg-Bräu
Town: Loffeld
Style: Weißbier
Color: honeycomb
Head: white, creamy
Nose: banana, yeast, light citrus hops
Body: medium
Palate: banana, yeast, citrus hops
Finish: lingering, yeasty

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Another unexpected lunch stop led to finding a seasonal beer I’d not even heard of. Sommer Weizens are becoming popular and most that I’ve had involve more hopping than is typical in a standard Weissbier. This one was incredibly refreshing looking on presentation and the nose was tinged with citrus hops so promising. There was more banana in both the nose and palate than I would like in this summery version, odd since their regular Weissbier isn’t particularly strong in the banana department. That said, the subtle hopping made for a moreish finish just the same.

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