Sonnen-Bräu Lager

unfiltered golden beer in logo glass

Sonnen-Bräu Lager

Brewery: Sonnen-Bräu
Color: unfiltered, golden

Head: white, creamy

nice mix of noble hops and grain
medium, slightly fizzy
balanced, hoppy
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is a brewery which gets high marks for its everyday Kellerbier and many stick to it in their nice little Biergarten but they also brew a full complement of seasonal beers, many leaning in the craft beer direction. This appears to be a new regular beer to satisfy the rising demand for Helles. I was a bit leery about it but I must say, it’s a surprisingly hoppy Vollbier with them pronounced in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is dry and only slightly bitter. So, while I’d be more likely to drink the Kellerbier or one of their find seasonal beers, this Lager is a nice addition and one I’d certainly drink again.

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