Ammerndorfer Spezial

amber beer with huge head in mug with pewter lid next to bottle
Ammerndorfer Spezial

Brewery: Dorn-Bräu (Ammerndorfer)
Color: amber

Head: off-white
, creamy, lasting
Nose: rich malty, some spiciness

Body: medium

Palate: balanced, richly malty, some spice, hint of roast

Finish: lingering, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression:  I’d enjoyed the four beers they had on tap at Zur Sonne and though they had a few of their other beers available in bottles, I’d spied a bottle shop at the brewery across the street and went over to grab a few before jumping on my bus. Otherwise, this Spezial would have been drunk at the pub as well as it’s a style very typical of the area. This special designation is more or less signaling a Festbier and this richly malty one had some spice too so felt it was heading in the Märzen direction. It dries out just enough in the finish to make it moreish.  At 5.3%, it’s dangerously drinkable and probably a good thing it wasn’t on tap at the pub!

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