Ammerndorfer Hefe Weisse

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Ammerndorfer Hefe Weisse

Brewery: Dorn-Bräu (Ammerndorfer)
Color: lemony

Head: white
, creamy, yeasty
Nose: yeasty, citrusy

Body: medium, efferescent

Palate: balanced, malty, citrusy, yeasty

Finish: lingering, fruity

Served: on tap at Zur Sonne

Impression: I’d started out with the Helles and Pils but used this as a way to cleanse my palate before the Landbier Dunkel. It surely had an effect on my impression and it would be nice to have it stand alone one day. It’s a very refreshing looking Weizen with a citrusy nose and fruity palate to match. Not the kind of Weizen I could drink all night but a thirst quencher, perfect for a hot day. At 5.1%, it’s stronger than both the Helles and Pils!

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