Drossendorfelder Bräuwerk Keller Pils

unfiltered yellow beer in glass with bottle
Drossendorfelder Bräuwerk Keller Pils

Brewery: Drossendorfelder Bräuwerk
Style: Keller
unfiltered yellow
Head: white
, rocky, lasting
Nose: floral hops, peppery

floral hops, dry, peppery
Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I’d not heard of this brewery but my new favorite beer store had three or four of their beers. I went for this Keller Pils and if this one is any indication, I’ll be picking up all of their beers next time. They are about 30% more money than typical Franconian beers but it’s heading very much in the Craft Beer direction and by those standards, it’s very reasonably priced.  It’s a traditional style with a twist of Spalter hops which play in both the spicy nose and palate. It’s very dry and hoppy but not overly bitter.

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