Nikl-Bräu Michala @ Pretzfelder Keller

amber beer in logo mug
Nikl-Bräu Michala

Brewery: Nikl-Bräu
Style: Dunkles Kellerbier

unfiltered, amber
Head: off-
white, creamy, rocky
malty, hint of chocolate
Body: medium

Palate: balanced,
malty, some chocolate, semi-dry
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, some chocolate, semi-bitter

on tap at the Pretzfelder Keller

Impression: This was one lovely poured beer with an ample rocky head and some chocolate in the mostly malty nose. The chocolate is slight but lingers into the palate and is even discernible in the finish but it’s not a sweet beer in any way. The finish is lingering and moreish.

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