Schübel Nordeck-Trunk

unfiltered yellow beer in glass with bottle
Schübel Nordeck-Trunk

Brewery: Schübel Bräu
Style: Kellerbier

Color: unfiltered yellow

Head: white
, sudsy
Nose: faint grain, light hops
, some yeast
Body: medium

Palate: hoppy
, slightly grainy, a touch of yeast
Finish: lingering, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I recently had another one of their Kellerbiers and liked it. In fact, I’ve liked all of the beers I’ve tried from their large line-up. This one is lighter in color but has a similar flavor profile in the hoppy/grainy fold. It’s a similar 4.9% and is perhaps lacking some of the malt backbone which made the Drachenseidla so attractive. It might be a bit bitter for some as a session beer but I’d be happy to drink quite a few of them. There seems to be more yeast in the flavor too. Another good session beer from Schübel. Too bad they don’t don’t have a Keller!

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