Kleebaum Bier

unfiltered golde beer in logo glass

Kleebaum Bier

Brewery:  Drei Kronen or Drei Linden
Scheßlitz or Kalchreuth
Style: Kellerbier
unfiltered golden
Head: white, creamy

Spalter hops
Body: medium
, soft
semi-dry, Spalter hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on gravity tap at Galerie am Stephansberg in Bamberg

Impression: Gallerie is a funky little bar on Stephansburg with one gravity barrel. I’ve had Sauer beer there previously but on my last visit, they had Kleebaum Bier flowing. The owner said it’s from Drei Linden in Kalcreuth but there is some haziness on whether they actually brew. The Kleebaum site says their beer is contract brewed by Drei Kronen in Scheßlitz. Either way, Kleebaum was a brewery in Bamberg up until 1943. It sounds like it was a great old place. So, the beer now lives on and it’s pretty good, especially gravity dispensed with some nice Spalter hops in both the nose and palate and a lingering semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

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