Gänstaller Zwickel Pils

unfiltered gold beer in logo glass

Gänstaller Zwickel Pils

Brewery:  Gänstaller
Style: Zwickel Pils
unfiltered golden
Head: white, rocky, lasting

grainy, hoppy, mown grass
Body: medium

citrusy hops, grainy, grass
Finish: lingering, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at Eckerts Wirtshaus in Bamberg

Impression: Gänstaller is one of the most respected small breweries in Franconia despite having replaced another beloved favorite Friedel in Schnaid. There is no brewery tap in the small village so you have to find the beer elsewhere, no easy undertaking as much of it is shipped to other countries willing to pay more for the privilege. I was happy to find this Zwickel Pils on tap at Eckerts scenically straddling the river in Bamberg. It wasn’t a great pour but the head was like chiffon and I saw other beers coming out looking more impressive. That said, it was one of the hoppiest beers I’ve had in Franconia with lots of citrus hops and some grassy notes as well. There was a fair amount of grain intermingling in. The lingering finish was dry and bitter. If you like hoppy beers, it’s one to try for sure. I found it balanced enough but I imagine there would e some detractors amongst more traditional Franconian beer lovers. In that case, Eckerts has a Kellerbier which is brewed by Gänstaller which is perfect for you.

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