Eichhorn Weisse hefetrüb

weissbier in logo glass

Eichhorn Weisse hefetrübe

Brewery: Brauerei Eichhorn
Color: honeycomb

Head: white
, yeasty
banana, yeast
banana, slight clove, yeast
Finish: clean, banana

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: I finally got a chance to sit in the brewery’s charming Biergarten and though not a hot day, I had some time so decided to give their Weißbier a try. It’s a good looking one and has the appropriate banana/clove nose and palate but it didn’t really grab me. To be fair, I’d had a few of their excellent Kellerbiers and one of their very tasty Dunklesbiers so it’s not probably a fair comparison. That said, it’s a very refreshing and well-made beer and I’m sure if I had arrived on a hot day and drank one of these off the bat, it would have been just what the doctor ordered. So, Weißbier fans, grab one while there!

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