Bang a Gong in Stublang with the Brothers Dinkel

The Brothers Grimm ain’t got nothing on the Brothers Dinkel. Well, at least when it comes to not only brewing beer but also serving it up with great regional dishes.  As it turns out, the two brothers have found a great way to share a family business. One brews the beer at the original half-timbered location in the small village of Stublang and the other runs a large and popular restaurant hotel just on the edge of it.

the Dinkel Brothers prove two businesses are better than one

I first went to the large Gasthof Dinkel on the edge of town in 2003. It was one of my earlier rural Franconian experiences and I loved the beer and food. While researching Beer Hiking Bavaria, I did quite a few walks in the beer hiking trail rich area. I initially was planning on staying at Dinkel again but wound up in the neighboring village of Loffeld at Staffelberg Bräu. Stublang is certainly a pretty place and good option too. You can start the described loop hike in either village. It takes in Brauerei Dinkel and Brauerei Hennemann Löwenbräu in Stublang and Staffelberg-Bräu in Loffeld.

charming little village of Stublang

Nestled in the rolling hills 30km northeast of Bamberg, the main draws for all of these villages is their proximity to both the Staffelberg, a flat impressive hill which rises dramatically from its surroundings, and the Vierzehnheiligen monastery.

 the Staffelberg & Vierzehnheiligen are the big draws

There’s a pleasant bike path between Stublang and Loffeld which is a good short cut if on foot. I used it a few times to save my legs for other hikes.  For the book, I used the Stublang Rund which in a short 5km circuit takes you through a dense forest and open inclined pastures.

a nice mix of forest and open meadows

It also takes you along some open slightly higher elevation areas, affording great views of the surrounding hills and a dramatic entrance to the small hamlet of Stublang.

  the views on the way down into Stublang

The route back is on the other side of the valley and has some stunning views of the Staffelberg.

  the high route between Stublang & Loffeld

If the Dinkel brewery’s courtyard Biergarten is open, it’s a great place for an after- or mid-hike beer. The first time I passed the old brewery, a woman explained it was already closed but to come back the next day. I’m not sure but I imagine she’s the Dinkel boys’ Mom. When I returned, the brewing Dinkel brother, Hubert, explained that they’ve brewed the beer at this location since 1870 but the building got too small and old to be a sustainable restaurant. It’s quite an atmospheric old courtyard and he was serving beer from a small doorway off to the side. Their Dunkles Lagerbier is quite tasty. It’s sadly only open during the day unless there is an event and their website provides a schedule. They sure look worth planning a weekend around.

 a really atmospheric courtyard Biergarten

Unfortunately, with no event running the day I stopped by, there was no food available so I sauntered over to the Dinkel Gasthof. It’s a bustling affair and what it lacks in half-timbered charm, it makes up for in tasty, great value meals.

 a great meal at Gasthof Dinkel

 I really enjoyed my duck but what I think about when I imagine the small village is that Biergarten. I have to go back but I better check the schedule first this time!


the Biergarten I long to return to

Stublang lies in Upper Franconia (Oberfranken in German). There are twenty-five hikes in this region in my book Beer Hiking Bavaria along with another 25 from all over Bavaria. Each includes detailed descriptions of the hikes as well as information on the breweries along the routes plus some tasting notes on my favorite beers at each establishment.

It’s available in both English and German:

beer hiking bavaria book cover

bierwandern bayern buch
Guided Beer Hiking out of Bamberg including the Staffelberg region described:

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