Maisel & Friends Stephan’s Indian Ale

amber beer in wine glass with bottle

Maisel Stephan’s Indian Ale

Brewery: Maisel Gebrüder
Style: Double IPA

light amber
Head: white
, rocky
citrusy hops, grapefruit
very balanced, malt forward but hops creep in right afterwards, nice grapefruit element, dry
Finish: dry, clean, pleasant slight bitterness

Served: from a bottle bought in Munich

Impression:  I’d finally broken down and bought Maisel Chocolate Bock at my local supermarket and quite liked it. I went back to buy some as Easter gifts only to find two bottles left so decided to give this Double IPA a shot. It was again a gorgeous pour with a rocky lasting head with fine lacework. There was both grapefruit and honey in the nose, an enticing match and forewarning of the initial malt in the palate. Citrus hops jumped in soon after but never overpowered the malt backbone. It was quite balanced, hoppy but not bitter. The finish was lingering with some honey but clean and slightly bitter in a most pleasant way.

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