Trunk Nothelfer Fest Bier

golden beer in glass with bottle
Trunk Nothelfer Fest Bier

Brewery: Brauerei Trunk Alte Klosterbrauerei
Town: Vierzehnheiligen
Style: Festbier
Color: light golden
Head: white
Nose: malty, slight grain, light hops
Body: medium
Palate: malty, lightly grainy, underlying hops
Finish: clean, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: Really love their regular beers and the few seasonal beers I’ve had on tap but they have quite a few and it’s not a super easy place to get to without a fair hike. So, it’s always nice to find some of them in bottled form. I’d recently had their very tasty Silber Bock so was intrigued to see if this Festbier would hold up. While much less complex, it’s nonetheless a very balanced brew with ample hops and enough hops to dry it out in the finish. It’s a nice 5.9% so still a sessionable beer too.

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