Göller Original 1514

unfiltered amber beer in logo glass
Göller Original 1514

Brewery: Göller
Zeil am Main
Style: autumn craft beer special

Color: unfiltered light amber

Head: rocky, white
, creamy
smoked apricot
malty, apricot, light smoke
Finish: semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d had an excellent seasonal Frühlingsbier the previous spring so wasn’t totally unprepared for this autumn entry but since it was described as a light smoke beer, I wasn’t expecting the fruitiness. Oddly enough, the combination worked well. It was perhaps the most refreshing smoke beer I’ve ever had and managed to not only live up to its light appearance but also harness the smoky element too. Quite nice.

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2 thoughts on “Göller Original 1514

    1. An entirely different animal. It is very lightly smoky. They brew a regular Rauchbier year round, more in line with Bamberg type Rauchbiers. This was in its own category really. We both really liked it and smoked apricot really sums it up. It’s a cool place. If we go up in November, we can go out for lunch if you like. Excellent food and a full range of beers.

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