Gampertbräu Jubiläums-Trunk

amber beer in glass with bottle
Gampertbräu Jubiläum-Trunk

Brewery: Gampertbräu
Color: light amber

Head: off-white
, rocky, sudsy
Nose: richly malty, faint
Palate: balanced
, rich malt, slight grain, underlying hops
Finish: clean, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: This was the second beer I had from this regional brewery. I thought the Pils was just okay but this Festbier was tastier if not as dry as I’d like. It certainly looked better and had a nice rich malt aroma. It was very much malt forward and fairly clean but lacked some dryness in finish. If I saw both on tap, this is the one I’d go for.

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