Kaiser Weißbier

weissbier in glass with logo
Kaiser Weißbier

Brewery: Kaiser
amber, honeycomb
white, rocky, lasting
Nose: malty

Palate: malty
, some grain, a touch of pleasant butter
Finish: lingering, bittersweet, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was one of the most different Weißbiers I’ve had. I don’t generally drink this style in Franconia unless I’ve heard something particularly good about them. I had a bit of extra time so I figured I’d try it since the Ur-Trunk turned out as such a pleasant surprise. This one looked the part but was not only maltier than most but also had some grain in the mix. It lacked any overtones of banana and clove and had a bit of butter. I actually enjoyed it but it just caught me off guard. I recently bought a bottle of this and it was much better.

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