Reinwand Hausbräu

amber beer in logo mug
Seßlacher Reinwand Hausbräu

Brewery: Seßlacher Kommunbrauhaus Reinwand
Color: unfiltered
Head: white
, rocky, thinning
Nose: hoppy, slight grain

Body: medium

Palate: hoppy, dry, slight grain, bitter

Finish: lingering, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at Gasthof Reinwand

Impression: This was more what I had anticipated and remembered the Seßlach Kommunbrauhaus beer as being like. It was nothing like the Roter Ochse beer from the previous evening. The amber hue looked amazing in the sun and the bready head was impressive before thinning out. The hops in the nose were a good indicator of it being dry and hoppy from the get go but there was a good malty backbone ensuring its balance and session beer character. The dry bitter finish was moreish. Later in the day, I had it with lunch and the grainy element came out more but it was nonetheless a dry hoppy brew.

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