Wolf Urtyp Dunkel

light brown beer in glass with logo
Wolf Urtyp Dunkel

Brewery: Wolf
Color: light chestnut

off-white, creamy, nice lacework
chocolate/hop mix
Body: medium, quite
Palate: balanced, some chocolate, fair hopping
Finish: nicely bitter, moreish

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I had waited longer than expected for this beer when our Easter trip was COVID-19 cancelled. So, it would have been easy to be disappointed but that was not the case. The brewer took his time pouring it and it was a beauty to behold.  The lacework was excellent and the soft mouthfeel was moreish. This was one dry hoppy dark beer with a chewiness which is hard to describe. At 4.6%, you could drink it all night.  Great stuff.

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