Klosterbrauerei Kloster Sud

weissenohe kloster sud
Klosterbrauerei Kloster Sud

Brewery: Klosterbrauerei Weissenhohe
Color: deep amber

off white, rocky
rich malt, burnt toffee, spice
full, soft
Palate: richly
malty, burnt toffee, light spice
Finish: lingering, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: I’d come up from Munich specifically to try this beer along with their Echarius Märzen but I was also doing a hike and thought drinking one of these in addition to the somewhat strong Märzen wasn’t a good idea. I stopped back in after the hike but didn’t have a lot of time so only had two small lighter beers. I found out they have a small shop next to the pub and got a couple bottles to bring back home, which made a head to head comparison possible. I’m glad I did as it was again a truly incredible beer if you like those of the malt forward variety. It was similar to the Märzen and while dry enough, not quite as hoppy. The finish was moreish but I found it more of a sipper than the easier to drink Märzen despite it also being 5.4%. If you allow more than a quick stop at this fine place, make sure to try their full line-up. Everything is quite good.

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