Freilandsmuseum Zwickel

bad windsheim freilandsmuseum beer
Freilandsmuseum Zwickel

Brewery: Fränkisches Freilandsmuseum Bad Windsheimer Bürgerbräu
Bad Windsheim
Color: unfiltered, light amber

Head: off-white
, rocky, massive, lasting
Nose: slightly grainy, faint malt

balanced, some grain, underlying hops
Finish: clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the Wirtshaus am Kommunbrauhaus

Impression: This is generally not one of my favorite styles. They seem to be on the bland side. This was super fizzy but it seemed it’s a VERY lively beer as the head was absolutely massive and there was still head in the glass when I finished it and I didn’t just throw it down either. It was very refreshing after walking around the rather large outdoor museum and it was tastier than many I’ve had. It also had a lingering hoppiness to the finish without being particularly bitter. I think if it hadn’t been so gassy, I’d have liked it more. It would certainly be a good session beer.

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