Freilandsmuseum Dunkel

Freilandsmuseum Dunkel

Brewery: Fränkisches Freilandsmuseum Bad Windsheimer Bürgerbräu
Bad Windsheim
Color: unfiltered, dark brown

Head: off-white
, creamy
Nose: faint malt
, some spice
balanced, slight sour element
Finish: fairly clean

Served: on tap at the Wirtshaus am Kommunbrauhaus

Impression: I had two of these as it went better with my dark sauce based meal. The first one was low in carbonation and the head didn’t last long. It was a sharp contract from the very carbonated Zwickel. It almost had a Zoigl flair to it, at least the darker Zoigl I’ve had. It had a sour element that I wasn’t sure was intended but wasn’t particularly unpleasant. I needed a second beer for the meal and deliberated on getting the Zwickel but opted for another Dunkel and was glad I had. The second one was more carbonated, though not overly so and the head was again massive and more lasting. It still had the sour thing going on but it seemed more integrated into the overall flavor. It certainly was more refreshing and enjoyable.

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