Trunk Scheffeltrunk Kellerbier

unfiltered beer in mug
Trunk Scheffeltrunk Kellerbier

Brewery: Brauerei Trunk Alte Klosterbrauerei
Town: Vierzehnheiligen
Style: Kellerbier
Color: unfiltered honeycomb
Head: rocky, white
Nose: slight grain
Body: medium
Palate: fruity, some grain
Finish: semi-dry, somewhat bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d enjoyed both the Export Dunkel and Pils but still had some work to do on my mixed meat plate. My first inclination was to have another Export but opted for the seasonal Kellerbier since I’m likely to return in a cooler month next time for one of their Bocks. The head was fantastic and it looked pretty amazing but overall, it was my least favorite of the three. It wasn’t quite as dry. I think if I’d had it first, I might have had a different experience and it certainly was an easy drinking well-made beer.

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