Spezial Lagerbier

amber beer in mug
Spezial Lagerbier

Brewery: Spezial
Style: Rauch
light chestnut
Head: off white
, rocky
light smoke
balanced, hoppy, unobtrusive but permeating smokiness
Finish: clean,  bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: The “other” Rauchbier is for many the favorite one. Spezial’s flagship beer is a more approachable session beer, with a cleaner and more bitter finish. The smoke is there and not light in any way but it’s not quite as prominent as Schlenkerla’s flagship. The comparison is perhaps not quite fair since Schlenkerla’s is a Märzen and Spezial also brews one (though not always available) and it is also smokier. All that said, this is one dangerously drinkable beer and having one a their atmospheric pub should be very high on any beer drinker’s list.

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