Schlossbrauerei Stelzer Keller Kupfer Spezial

amber beer in glass with bottle
Schlossbrauerei Stelzer Keller Kupfer Spezial

Brewery: Schlossbrauerei Stelzer
Style: Märzen

Color: deep copper

Head: white, rocky
Body: medium

malty, some roast, burn caramel, underlying hops
Finish: long, somewhat dry, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: Another good bottle find and a gorgeous looking beer, sitting out in the backyard. If you like Märzens, this would be a good one for you and I quite liked it. It was very malty but had a nice finish on the dry side. It’s a shame the restaurant the brewery ran is not open as it sounded like a wonderful Biergarten on the river with overnight accommodation no less. Let’s hope it reopens soon. I’d like to have this on tap.

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