Klosterbräu Rauchbier

dark beer in glass
Klosterbräu Rauchbier

Brewery: Klosterbräu
Style: Rauchbier

black, ruby highlights
off-white, creamy
roast malt, slight smoke
roast malt, underlying smokiness, slight whisky, bitter
Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: First off let me say, this is one excellent Rauchbier. I say that because I went into trying it with a negative feeling. In many ways, this has replaced one of my favorite beers, their amazing Schwärzlabock. So, I am understandably not happy about that but can’t hold it against this admittedly excellent beer. It’s another black beauty and has a similar roasty palate like their everyday Schwärzla but there is a definite if not overpowering smokiness to it too. It’s perhaps the most bitter beer they make and the clean finish reflects it. If you want to try all the Rauchbier in town, this is yet another must have.

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