Klosterbräu Braunbier

amber beer in glass
Klosterbräu Braunbier

Brewery: Klosterbräu
Style: Braunbier

Color: deep amber/light brown

Head: off-white
, dense
light malt, some nuttiness
malty, light nutty element , underlying hops
Finish: clean, dry

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is their flagship beer and the brewery was once called the Braubierhaus. Braunbier is a bit like Märzen in color and the malt forward aspect. It’s also a style of beer once very popular which has fallen by the wayside. It can be seen as too mild for those seeking big hoppy beers but this one is a balanced one and its hops still play an integral if understated part in the flavor. I don’t drink it often enough but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I do. If you want a style of beer to remain available, by all means at least give it a try and return to it when you can.

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