Kalt-Loch-Bräu Dunkles

dark beer in mug
Kalt-Loch-Bräu Dunkles

Brewery: Kalt-Loch-Bräu (contract-brewed by Eder & Heylands Brauerei
Color: dark brown, ruby highlights

Head: massive, tan

Nose: rich malt,
slight chocolate
richly malty, some chocolate notes
Finish: clean, dryish

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is an example of what is good about contract brewing. This once fine little brewery is still a great restaurant and instead of having a big name brewery beer, they have their old beer but brewed by a regional brewery. It helps both. No matter how you toss it, when you are eating a sauce rich meal like you will get here, a great dark beer like this is what you want….and what you get. Dark as coal and richly malty, it has a dry enough finish especially with food.

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