Drei Kronen (Scheßlitz) Schääzer Kronabier

yellow beer in mug
Drei Kronen Schääzer Kronabier

Brewery: Drei Kronen
Color: golden

Head: white, ample

Nose: hint of cereal

medium, over-carbonated
Palate: fruity, dry, some cereal, hoppy

Finish: clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I hadn’t been to the Drei Kronen in over a dozen years but ran across their beer at a festival in Munich a couple years ago and vowed to go back. I was in the area to do a beer hike to another local brewery a few kilometers away and had to stop in even if for a quick one. It had been spruced up a bit but still felt like a local. Along with having their Bock, I finally got to have the Kronabier onsite again. I’m not a big fan of these tall mugs. They make pouring beers take longer and often it gets rushed, resulting in too much carbonation. It had taken quite awhile to get our beers despite it not being busy and it was surely due to this. The Bock was perfect but this one was on the fizzy side. This should be in a Krug, nice and wide or better yet, from a gravity barrel as it was once upon a time. All that said, once the beer calmed down, it was a nice dry quaffer and I could easily drink a few of these in a session.

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