Dinkel Roggenbock

dark beer in glass
Dinkel Roggenbock

Brewery: Dinkel
Town: Stublang
Style: Roggenbock
Color: unfiltered mahogany
Head: creamy
Nose: malty, slight dried fruit
Body: medium
Palate: malty, some dried fruit, slight sourishness
Finish: bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’ve wanted to try the regular Dinkel Bock since first having their Lagerbier. On this visit, it was spring so wasn’t expecting to find it but they did have what seemed a one-off Roggenbock. I quite like Weizenbocks but have found the regular Roggenbiers I’ve had to be sweeter. Admittedly, I haven’t had many and there aren’t so many brewed. This one looked good but it wasn’t super flavorful and the signature bitterness of the brewery didn’t mingle so well with the sour aspect of the rye. A few days later, I had the regular Lagerbier at the actual brewery and the brewer mentioned the Roggenbock and asked if I’d like to try it. He gave me a small sample and it seemed much fresher and better. It’s possible the one at the brewery was sitting around. I didn’t see anyone else drinking it.

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