Bischberger Premium Lager Urtyp Hell

golden beer in mug
Bischberger Premium Lager Urtyp Hell

Brewery: Zur Sonne
Style: Helles

Color: bright golden

Head: ample, white

malty, hint of grain
malty, some cereal, fair hopping
Finish: clean, dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was my first time back to this great little brewery since a fantastic meal quite a few years prior. Such is the amazing array of places in the vicinity of Bamberg that you often don’t even get back to the truly good ones. At any rate, I was there to hike from Bischberg to Weiher, where I’d spend a few days doing more beer hikes for my book. Since Zur Sonne opens early, I had a quick one before I got started after taking the bus out in the morning. It probably wasn’t the wisest hiking move but I was glad I did as it was a lovely morning and I could sit outside, a sharp contrast to my previous winter stop. I also got to concentrate on their signature brew, a pretty golden lager. It was drier than memory had served me and a nice mix of hops and sweet malt. It was easy to drink before the hike and surely would have been a great way to end it too.

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