Schlenkerla (Heller) Rauchweizen

weissbier in logo glass with bottle

Schlenkerla Rauchweizen

Brewery: Heller (Schlenkerla)
Town: Bamberg
Style: smoke Weissbier
Color: ruddy brown
Head: rocky, tan
Nose: slight banana, smoke

Body: light, effervescent
Palate: banana, smoke
Finish: clean

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: This is certainly an odd beer but somehow it works. It has all the classic tastes of a Weissbier, with a fair amount of banana but they are tinged strongly with a smokiness that puts the stamp of the brewery firmly on the beer. I had it with Weisswürst and even that worked. Ok, the pretzel was pretty awful but Franconians can’t do everything perfectly.

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