Lindenbräu Pils

gräfenberg lindenbräu pilx
Lindenbräu Pils

Brewery: Lindenbräu
Town: Gräfenberg

Style: Pils
Color: bright yellow
Head: white, fluffy
Nose: flowery hops
Body: light
Palate: dry, floral hops, not overly bitter
Finish: dry, clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: One of the dilemmas of a brewpub having a classic beer from gravity dispense is I don’t tent to stray from it much. I’d had some so so experiences at Lindenbräu with “other” beers and I don’t always find Pils such a great beer in Franconia so it took me a long time to venture to this one. The fact that it had won a medal is what eventually prompted me and I will have to say, it was excellent. It was very light-bodied, exactly what I was looking for after a day of drinking a fair amount. It had a very nice floral hoppiness to it and a very dry clean finish. Whie it won’t replace their Vollbier as my favorite, I’m sure I’ll have this Pils again.

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