Knoblach Ur-Märzen

unfilterd amber beer in mug

Schammelsdorfer Ur-Märzen

Brewery:  Knoblach
Style: Märzen
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: creamy, off-white

slight malt
Body: medium
-bodied, medium-carbonation
Palate: rich mix of malt and hops, some fruitiness

Finish: long, dry and bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Knoblach is noted for hoppy brews and their everyday Märzen is perhaps oddly a smoke beer called Räucherla. I was intrigued that the brewery decided to brew a more traditional Märzen and made my way there specifically to try it. It came out looking a lot like their Rauchbier that I’d had a few weeks earlier at the Anstich but one smoke-less sip dispelled any worries I’d been given the wrong beer. Much like most Knoblach beers, this one had some firm hoppiness but it was likely the most malty brew I’ve ever had from them, as you would expect of the style. I think I like the Räucherla better but this one is worth trying if in the area at the right time.

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