Grasser Pils

yellow beer in pils glass with big head
Grasser Pils

Brewery: Grasser
Town: Huppendorf
Style: Pils
Color: light golden
Head: white, rocky
Nose: some cereal
Body: light
Palate: cereal, firm hoppiness
Finish: clean, dry

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’ve only had this Pils one time, the second time I visited the brewery. It was certainly an easy to drink brew and though I didn’t feel the cereal component fit the style, I would easily order it again. I would certainly recommend it to someone looking for a Helles since Grasser doesn’t brew one. In fact, I’d have probably liked it more if served in a Seidla rather than the Pils glass, as pretty as it was.

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