Drei Kronen 1457 Lager

unfiltered amber beer in mug
Drei Kronen 1457 Lager

Brewery: Drei Kronen
Style: Kellerbier

unfiltered amber
white, dense, creamy
slight grain
Body: medium
, medium carbonation
Palate: malty, some grain, fairly dry

Finish: clean

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a quickly consumed beer as I got to the bus stop about 20 minutes early and rather than wait outside, I opted on sitting inside the cozy brewpub. I’d have normally had their signature Stöffla, a smoky Kellerbier, but decided to try something new. This Kellerbier looked quite similar but seemed to lack something the smoky version has. I’m glad I had one but I’m fairly sure I’ll return to my old favorite next time.

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