Göller Frühlingsbier

Göller Frühlingsbier is a great entry into the craft beer leagues by the traditional Göller brewery with a nice citrusy nose leading to a great dry fruity session beer.

Göller “Kellerfrisch” Pils

Göller "Kellerfrisch" Pils is served direct from the Keller and is a dry fruity treat only found in this form at the brewery.

Göller Kellerbier

Göller Kellerbier is a fine balanced quaffer perfect for a summer afternoon in their Biergarten.

Göller Rauchbier

Göller Rauchbier is a dark malty brew with a nice smoky element that isn't overpowering.

Göller Dunkles

Göller Dunkles is a very fine example of the style with a nice chocolate malt touch and drying slightly bitter finish.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Lagerbier

Schlenkerla's Lagerbier is a surprisingly light smokey offering with a crisp hoppy palate and dry bitter finish.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Rauchweizen

Schlenkerla's Rauchweizen truly combines the smoke of the brewery with classic Weissbier flavors. Somehow it works!

Fäßla Gold-Pils

Fässla Gold-Pils is a balanced quaffer with a long dry bitterish finish.

Fäßla Lagerbier

Fässla Lagerbier is a classic Franconian lager with a dry fruity palate and long bitter finish.

Grasser Weizenbier

Grasser Weizenbier is a very refreshing fruity wheat beer, perfect as an after hike brew.