Sonnen-Bräu Weizen

weizen in glass

Sonnen-Bräu Weizen

Brewery: Sonnen-Bräu
Head: creamy, white

strong banana
light, effervescent
fruity, lots of banana
Finish: clean

Served: on at the brewery

Impression: I wouldn’t normally opt for a Weizen in winter and with quite a few beers to try in a limited time, the only reason I gave this a try was Sonnen-Bräu offers small size pours of all their beers. Not only that but it actually came out in a proper mini-sized Weizen glass. Nice. This one looked typical of the style and had quite an aroma of banana. If you like that aspect of typical Weißbiers, this one will be much to your liking. I thought it was perhaps a bit too up front but it was a cold day and this is more of a summery beer so I’ll have another one in summer before I pass too harsh a judgement. It was certainly well-made and full of flavor.

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