Sonnen-Bräu Dopplebock

amber beer in goblet
Sonnen-Bräu Dopplebock

Brewery: Sonnen-Bräu
Color: unfiltered light amber

Head: creamy, white

sweet malt with some apricot
full-bodied, low carbonation
rich malt, some dried fruit, fair Hallertau hop
Finish: long, lingering, bitterweet

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Must admit my main reason for returning to the brewery in winter was to try this new Dopplebock. At a whopping 10.5%, I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is a brewery that makes few mistakes. I was surprised when it came out a shade lighter than their Kellerbier. I was expecting a darker, more contemplative brew but the sweet bouquet foreshadowed a surely rich malty tipple. There was a hint of apricot in the nose but it didn’t seem to translate into the flavor or was overpowered by the duo of obvious malt and Hallertauer hops. I would have liked it to be a touch drier but considering how strong it was, it wasn’t overly sweet. I imagine this will evolve over time if it remains in the lineup next year.

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