Lieberth Lagerbier

yellow beer in mug with flower
Lieberth Lagerbier

Brewery: Lieberth
Town: Hallerndorf

Style: Vollbier
Color: deep golden
Head: white, creamy, thinning
Nose: malty, slight grain
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, malty, very slight grain, some hops
Finish: clean, bitter

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: I love their Kellerbier but noticed a Lagerbier on the menu and asked the server about it. She looked at me a bit quizzically and said hardly anyone ever ordered it. She actually had to go into the brewery to retrieve one but I was glad I gave it a go as it was a bit different. It was certainly maltier and seemed to have a little less grain. It wasn’t quite as hoppy but still had a very clean bitter finish. I’m not sure I’d have it again when there but it’s worth trying and I’d certainly not shy away from buying some to bring home.

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