Witzgall Landbier

unfiltered beer in mug

Witzgall Landbier

Brewery: Witzgall
Town: Schlammersdorf

Style: Landbier
Color: unfiltered dark golden
Head: white, rocky
Nose: bready
Body: medium-bodied, very soft
Palate: malty, subdued grain, floral hops, bitter, slight yeast
Finish: dryish, bitter

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: I’m not one to drink bottled beer at a brewery but this one sounded intriguing and this was my third time at Witzgall. I’d come specifically in search of their Weihnachtsfestbier but was perhaps too early and it wasn’t available.  So, I gave this a shot and it came out looking every bit as good as the formidable Vollbier. At first, I had imagined it would just be an unfiltered version of their noted draft but it was quite different with a more floral aspect to the hops mingling in with a bit of residual yeast.  It had been poured nicely so had an even more impressive head and it was softer in mouthfeel too.  Not sure I’d order it again at the pub unless I had the time for both, but if I’m heading home I’d surely pick up some bottles to go!

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